Eight Steps to the  Perfect Wedding

Eight Steps to the Perfect Wedding

Having a wedding in Wine Country, actually having a wedding anywhere, can be a daunting experience.  Gone are the days when a couple got married in the sanctuary, had cake and punch in the church hall, then settled down to a “Happily Ever After.”  Today’s weddings are much more complex, involving unknown variables, and dozens of vendors.

What are the eight major things you need to put your wedding on the right track?

  1. Coordinator
  2. Site
  3. Caterer
  4. Officiant (Minister)
  5. Florist
  6. Photographer
  7. Music (DJ/Band)
  8. Cake/Alternative Dessert

As an industry professional, I have over fifteen years in the event industry, and have been involved in hundreds of weddings. Talk with me for helpful tips for your big day. For basic information to calm your fears, get you on the right track, and help you with an outline of what you need to do first, email or call me for the “getting started” package.  This will provide you with a basic timeline, help you find a location, and direct you to local, dependable vendors. There are other, more intimate, details that you will want to do on your own.  But this is some solid, common-sense information that will help you get started and save you countless hours of research.   If you decide to go with one of my more inclusive packages, the consultation fee will be credited towards the new package.